Simple way to manage complex interfaces

UIKernel is a comprehensive React.js UI library for building forms, editable grids with filters, based on a simple unified record model with client-side and server-side validations and data bindings.

What you can do with UIKernel components

Interact with data

You can set up grid not only to display data but to add new records, update or delete them.


UIKernel grid supports filtering by different fields.

Sorting & pagination

Sort data by default order or by user choice and paginate the data.

Data source

Pass data from static array, REST service or any other source to UIKernel model.

Convenient inputs

Each form input or grid cell can be one from UIKernel editors: date picker, suggest box, number, select, checkbox.


Use UIKernel validators to check fields on client or both on client and server. Also custom validation rules can be applied.

Data export

Export grid data in JSON or CSV formats for further interaction.

Synchronize multiple components

Automatic synchronization of multiple forms and grids with a shared data model.

Bulk operations

UIKernel grid support performing massive operations on records.

Basic grid example


  • Sorting columns
  • Grid pagination
  • Nested column headers
  • Inplace cell editing
  • Realtime grid - save data right after editing
  • Edit and create forms
  • Records removing
  • Filters
  • Scrollable grid - if grid exceeds some limit
  • Dynamic columns list - switch on/off some columns
  • Marking fields as new, changed or invalid
  • Extra records - shows and marks edited record even when moving to other page
  • Validation while editing or creating
  • Records selecting - to perform bulk operations if you want


Speeds up development

You just need to pass a model and configuration to make a component appear on your page.


Code clarity

UIKernel tries to avoid unnecessary abstractions, giving you the opportunity to define a model as you want. Nevertheless, there are basic implementations that work with client data and models linking server and client interface using API.